If you need help abroad

If you need help abroad

Estonian nationals who are in trouble abroad can call the duty official of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs by calling +372 53 01 9999 (24h)

Losing your passport

To travel back to Estonia, you can apply for an emergency travel document or a permit of return at the Estonian Embassy in Seoul. An emergency travel document is issued to an Estonian national and a permit of return is issued to a recognised non-citizen residing in Estonia if their passport (travel document) is missing, stolen or expired.

Both documents are intended only for returning to Estonia – they cannot be used for continuing an ongoing journey or living at the state of residence. This is why an emergency travel document is not issued to Estonian nationals permanently residing in the Republic of Korea if they have no real wish to return to Estonia. You must be aware that the documents are valid for a short period only (the day of arrival in Estonia + a few additional days in case there are travel disruptions on the way – flight cancellations, strikes of airport or flight crew and other unforeseen circumstances).

Applying for an emergency travel document

To apply, you must book an appointment first by emailing [email protected] or calling the helpline of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs +372 53 01 9999 (24h).

Please note that as a rule, emergency travel documents are not issued outside office hours.

For applying for an emergency travel document, you must come to the embassy in person and present:

  • 2 document photographs;
  • a document issued by a police department of the Republic of Korea proving your document has been lost or stolen.

Suspending ID card certificates

If you suspect your ID card is missing and could be misused (for example, for giving digital signatures in your name), please call the ID card helpline +372 677 3377 as soon as possible and request the suspension of your ID card certificates.

Losing your money

If you lose your money, you should contact your family or friends for assistance.

They can buy you a plane ticket and forward you the booking number, which airlines staff can then use to issue a boarding pass at the ticket office.

Estonia’s consuls or honorary consuls cannot provide you with money; however, a consul can help you contact your family and offer advice on money transfers.

Your family can send money via an international rushcard, offered by companies like MoneyGram, Western Union and Transferwise.

Being detained

If you are arrested, you have the right to contact the Estonian Embassy. If needed, the consul will make sure the rights of the detainee are protected, including the presence of an interpreter and legal assistance. The consul can visit the detainee on justified grounds.

What the consul cannot do:

  • give money;
  • pay for hotels, hospitals, plane tickets and other bills;
  • provide transport and accommodation;
  • provide legal assistance in the Republic of Korea;
  • provide translation services for local administration tasks;
  • resolve labour disputes.

If you are unhappy with the administration in the Republic of Korea, you must hire legal assistance locally. The consul and the honorary consul have no right to interfere in local administration or represent you in legal transactions.